UPDATE 06.07.2014: Sadly, my home of almost two decades, cherry-land.net, is no more, as the hosting company unexpectedly ceased to be and took my entire website with it. :(

Anyway, that means the new Whombus Films has disappeared into the ether, and now I've got to resurrect it... again. But I'm doing it right this time at: WhombusFilms.com, yet another new (and hopefully permanent) home for my film stuff and the like.

But for right now, to see my videos, please visit my personal portfolio at:  http://www.laurenwinsorstenmoe.com/

Stay Tuned...
xoxo, Momo

PS: I was at least able to somewhat salvage Cherry-Land.net, isn't that spectacular? One of the few benefits of the fact that nothing ever really gets deleted from the internet. :D


Please pardon the mess, Whombus Films is moving! Check out the new website at:

http://www.WhombusFilms.com/ (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Or visit my personal portfolio at: http://www.laurenwinsorstenmoe.com/

Thanks for visiting! *^_^*