Breathe Again (Anime Music Video)

A music video that I remastered from the original video, Imaginary. It's to Evanescence's Imaginary from their Origin album (very different from the Fallen version!) with clips from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Warning: This video will spoil the games!

WINNER Best in Show Anime Iowa 2008
3rd Place Experimental Category Fanime Judges Award 2010
Entered in Anime Nebraskon's AMV Contest 2008 (Result Unknown)

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Sparky said...


Did you use compression on your source files or did you capture straight from the game into DV? I'm just curious because you don't seem to suffer the same kinds of artifacts that I encounter.

L said...

What I ended up doing was hooking the Playstation up into a DVD Recorder and the recording the cut-scenes onto a disc. From there I imported them into the computer. Even though it was kind of time consuming (especially in games where you actually have to play it through to get the scenes), it was worth it since they stayed close to game quality.

How did you do it?

Sparky said...

Well, I've never done anything directly from FF. Most of my stuff is done directly from DVD rips of my own discs using mediafork.

You can see my own stuff at if you're interested, although I plan to stick a few of my better ones in Audience Choice contest.

Good luck in the contest, btw.

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